Why Lovas?

Our mission at Lovas is to make beautiful, affordable saddles and tack accessible to every horse and rider!

We understand that each partnership between horse and rider is different, and has individual needs that off-the-rack saddles often fail to accomodate. That's why we're passionate about offering affordable custom saddles that evolve with you and your horse, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a fabulous fit that reflects your one-of-a-kind style!

We understand the unique challenges different riders face, which is why we've developed two distinct ranges of Lovas saddles designed to meet your specific  needs.

Our Lovas Classic range embodies traditional craftsmanship and luxurious materials, meticulously handcrafted in Walsall, England. With an adjustable wooden spring tree and customizable panel options, it provides unparalleled comfort and reliability with classic styling.

Our Lovas Custom line takes customization to the next level, addressing the common struggles of saddle fit and adaptability. Featuring an innovative interchangeable gullet system, it offers effortless adjustability to accommodate your horse's changing needs, ensuring an adaptable fit every time.
At Lovas, we’re committed to not only creating amazing one-of-a-kind saddles, but to empowering riders with the tools they need to foster a successful partnership with their equine companions. We believe in creating more joy and harmony in every ride, and our saddles are designed to help make that a reality.

We can’t wait to help you design the saddle of your dreams!


    At Lovas Equestrian, we're passionate about providing solutions to your saddle struggles! We offer a wide variety of well fitting, customizable, affordable and adjustable saddles that are meticulously designed to offer you and your horse exactly what you need to succeed! We know that better fitting saddles lead to happier horses, more enjoyable rides, easier training and fewer injuries and behavioural issues.


    We are dedicated to designing accessories that not only look gorgeous, but also prioritize the comfort and freedom of your horses. We understand how important your horse's comfort is to you, so we offer a variety of bridle options, including Dressage bridles with no crank or flash to suit whatever your preference is!


    It is our passion and goal to help you and your horse enjoy the most comfortable riding experience possible! Your saddle fitting should be an enlightening experience where you get a better understanding of your horse’s biomechanics and how saddle fit impacts both horse and rider comfort and efficacy!



Are you a saddle fitter who is passionate about offering your clients more adjustable, more customizable, better fitting, and more affordable options to help solve their saddle struggles? If so, apply today to become one of our stockists! We offer a full range of saddles and accessories to suit your client’s needs! 

We offer full training on our product line to help set you and your customers up for success! We are always here to help and answer your questions! We believe that supporting our stockists helps support the change we want to see in the equestrian industry! We are constantly striving to improve our product line and the functionality of everything we produce and look forward to working with you, likeminded fitters who believe that a beautiful, well fitting saddle should be accessible to anyone! 

  • Legato Dressage Saddle and Accessories

    I purchased a Lovas saddle for my mare who has been frequently changing shape throughout her semi-retirement years. I love that it is adjustable so it can change easily with her and it fits her beautifully, she loves it too (she definitely lets me know what she likes)! I was excited to be able to customize it and went with coloured stitching, cross-hatch and bling on the cantle and just a little bit of patent as well :) The saddle keeps me in a great position which is important for me as a para rider to have that secure feeling in the tack and I love where my leg lies. All in, the Lovas is a beautiful saddle that fits both me and my mare great!

    Laura C.H. (Legato Dressage Saddle/Levade Dressage Girth/ Laos Stirrup Leathers/ Lima Stirrup Irons)

  • Lagos Dressage Saddle and Accessories

    My very hard to fit horse is so sensitive and Katrina, my saddle fitter and the brilliant mind behind Lovas came to help.  We tried on many used saddle and girth combos with little success. He is so clear about his tack not fitting, making his discomfort extremely obvious! I first bought the stability girth and it really helped keep my old saddle from sliding all over his very flat back. Who knew a girth could be life changing?! I then ordered a custom Lovas Lagos saddle with an easily changed gullet. Finally, a saddle that stays put and can be tweaked for his constantly changing body. He can finally do his job comfortably. 

    Like most horse owners I would have paid anything for this but the Lovas saddles and tack are actually affordable. An affordable, quality custom saddle that’s adjustable, fits my horse, fits me and is totally gorgeous to top it off, what more could you want?

    Kate R. (Lagos Dressage Saddle/Lavish Dressage Bridle/Levade Dressage Girth)

  • Lexis Jump Saddle and Accessories

    I highly recommend Katrina to anyone that asks me about saddle fitting. She takes her time with the horse and works to find the best fit for horse and rider. I LOVE that she incorporated body work on my very sensitive mare into our fitting sessions as well as observing my riding position and my horse's body language. Not only is she extremely talented, but her Lovas saddles are beautiful and very comfortable. We have been enjoying our own Lovas Lexis Jump saddle and Lotus Girth for 8 months now and I am always sharing our story with anyone who asks. Katrina’s talent for working with horses, understanding them, and having her own line of tack is a wonderful gift to all of us. Thanks Katrina! 

    Louisa S. (Lexis Jump Saddle/Lotus Stability Jump Girth/Lure Mono Stirrup Leathers)