Katrina Chapman's journey towards founding Lovas Equestrian was fueled by a deep frustration born out of a love for horses and a desire to ensure their well-being. As a passionate horse lover and dedicated saddle fitter, she witnessed firsthand the unfortunate consequences of ill-fitting saddles and tack on both horses and riders. Katrina realized that there were limited options available in the market that truly addressed this crucial issue. The lack of well-fitting and affordable alternatives compelled her to take matters into her own hands. Determined to make a difference, she embarked on a mission to develop innovative and accessible options that would provide optimal comfort and performance without breaking the bank. It was the frustrations she experienced that inspired Katrina to create Lovas Equestrian, with the goal of revolutionizing the saddlery industry and offering equestrians the quality and affordability they deserve.


Our saddles have been designed with you and your horse in mind. The Lovas line offers a variety of tree shapes, panels, seat types and block/flap configurations to help you achieve a great fit for you and your horse! We understand that your equine partner is constantly changing, so it’s important to have a saddle that’s adjustable and can be modified to accommodate their bodies over time. 


    At Lovas Equestrian, our mission is to provide solutions to your saddle struggles! We offer a wide variety of options that are well fitting, customizable, affordable and adjustable to offer you and your horse exactly what you need to enjoy better rides, easier training and fewer behavioural issues


    All of our bridles are designed with your horses comfort in mind! The padded, contoured Monocrown designs will alleviate excess pressure that can contribute to head tossing, general fussiness and poll issues that make a horse more resistant under saddle. As a bonus, all of our bridles come with two sets of reins!


    Just like our bridles and saddles, Lavas accessories are designed with the horses comfort and the riders happiness in mind. They are the perfect addition to a Lovas saddle or a great opportunity being more comfort and happiness to your current tack set up.

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  • Livingston Dressage Saddle And Accessories

    I have been using Katrina as a saddle fitter for a few years. Her customer service has always been excellent, she is professional and prompt. When Katrina is working with my horse or other horses at the barn they all seem to respond well to her. She has a natural way of working around them, even when they are moody. You can definitely feel the difference with a saddle that’s custom fitted and the fact that Katrina comes out for rechecks and adjustments is amazing (especially when you have a young one that is always changing shape!) We are very fortunate to have her as a saddled fitter on the island! Would highly recommend her.

    Danielle R. (Lotus Stability Jump Girth/ Lavelle Hunter/Jumper Bridle/ Livingston Dressage Saddle/ Levade Dressage Girth/ Legendary Trapezius Relief Pad/ Laos Stirrup Leathers/ Livia Stirrups )

  • Liberty Dressage Saddle And Accessories

    Katrina first introduced me to the Lovas saddles about a year ago when fitting my new young Uber sensitive Lusitano. He required a hoop tree as he was quite flat and wide. My experience with hoop trees was only that they were wide and hurt my hips due to some old injuries. So of course I had to try as he had outgrown my other saddle. To my surprise the twist was very doable and my horse super happy. My other concern was of course was that I would need another saddle in another 6 months as he had a lot of growing and muscling to do. So far he has been checked every 4 months or so and it has been able to be adjusted with him. I am a super happy customer. Not only with the saddle but also with service and expertise. Horses , especially Iberians can have a huge change in their back height when standing still to moving normally to sitting down. This must be accounted for. We all know that saddle fitting must be adapted to a moving horse , but some have more change than others. See you in the show ring :)

    Thank you Katrina

    Lisette D. (Liberty Dressage Saddle/Lavish Dressage Bridle/Levade Dressage Girth/Legendary Trapezius Relief Pad)

  • Lavello Jump Saddle And Lisbon Jump Saddle

    My horse's back was really sore, she had lost a ton of topline and was having some challenges under saddle. Katrina came out to help us and found a wonderful saddle that fit really well. My girl is much happier now and has gained a ton of muscle because she can finally use herself properly. Katrina has maintained the fit and managed to consistently adjusted it to her changing body.

    I've since now purchased one of the gorgeous  Lotus stability Girths and a Lovas bridle because I wanted all of her other gear to be as beautiful as our new saddle! 😍 

    I've actually got 2 different Lovas saddles in my barn now. I loved my first one so much, I got another for a hard to fit mare I have who is a completely different shape from my first girl. Couldn't be happier with the fit, the price, customizability and comfort of these saddles!  I feel so lucky to have them!

    Laura W. (Lavello Jump Saddle/Lisbon Jump Saddle/Lotus Stability Jump Girth, Lavelle Hunter/Jumper Bridle/Legendary Trapezius Relief Pad)

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