It is our passion and goal to help you and your horse enjoy the most comfortable riding experience possible! Your saddle fitting should be an enlightening experience where you get a better understanding of your horse’s biomechanics and how saddle fit impacts both horse and rider comfort and efficacy!

Our saddles have been designed with you and your horse in mind. The Lovas line offers a variety of tree shapes, panels, seat types and block/flap configurations to help you achieve a great fit for you and your horse! We understand that your equine partner is constantly changing, so it’s important to have a saddle that’s adjustable and can be modified to accommodate their bodies over time.



All Lovas saddles feature adjustable trees and panels to offer the best opportunity to accommodate your horse’s needs. Our Lovas Classic line offers a standard adjustable tree (can be modified by a certified fitter) and our Lovas Custom line offers an interchangeable gullet system for maximum adjustability!

Unlike other interchangeable gullet options out there, every Lovas Custom saddle includes a gullet kit with 6 sizes ranging from Narrow-XXW for quick and Convenient adjustments!

If you are noticing changes in the way your horse behaves during tack up or riding (girthiness, grouchiness or biting when saddle goes on, fidgeting or moving away when saddle is being put on, refusal to stand at mounting block, head tossing, lead swapping, bucking, spooking, bolting, rearing, refusing jumps, etc.) Then it’s a good idea to have your saddle checked!